Welcome to LandscaperBen.com. My name is Benjamin and I am Landscaper Ben.

I have numerous years of landscaping experience and worked for a small handful of different landscaping company’s over the course of my career. I began to get approached outside of work by people inquiring about landscaping services from within our community who recognized me as a reputable landscaper. I stayed loyal to my employer and took on what jobs I could on the weekends as “side jobs”. As the requests for quality work at a discounted rate escalated I put in my two week notice and am now self-employed.

I offer a wide range of landscaping services at half the cost of what an established company charges. I specialize in landscape maintenance in Fairhaven but am willing to take a look at any job, and if I have time to take on the job I am more than happy to lend my expertise to my client and help them get quality results at a discounted rate!

Feel free to check out my services and contact me by phone or send me an email !